High-temperature applications pose a challenge for any material:
the solution lies in offering resistance up to 1950°C.

DEGUSSIT pure aluminas are used and tested in the glass and metal industry,
chemical and engineering industry, in the manufacture of industrial high-temperature furnaces,
as well as in research and development.
These applications demand extreme dimensional stability along
with excellent resistance  to corrosion and high temperatures.

Created with a unique manufacturing process, DEGUSSIT aluminas really
do offer the best performance of all DIN C799 sintered dense ceramics.
The dimensional stability of DEGUSSIT AL23 is exceeded only by DEGUSSIT AL24.
It is at temperatures in excess of 1500°C that the DEGUSSIT AL23 and DEGUSSIT AL24 aluminas
demonstrate their exceptional qualities.


Measuring and control technology
Thermal analyses
Research and development
Furnace manufacture
Glass industry
Iron and steel industry

Examples of products

Pipes and protective sheathing
Thermocouple capillary tubes
Insulating beads
Crucibles, combustion boats and trays
Plates, rods and discs