The Technical Ceramics Division specializes in the Italy-wide
distribution of special materials produced by Ögussa GmbH and Kyocera Fineceramics Solutions Gmbh.
Our partners set the benchmark in their respective fields.
Many years of specific experience translate into products of the highest calibre.

Products and services in partnership with Kyocera Fineceramics Solutions Gmbh

FRIALIT® and DEGUSSIT® technical ceramics

For more than thirty years, we have been the Italian representative for Friatec GmbH, a leading manufacturer of technical ceramic components for industrial use. We still represents the company now called Kyocera Fineceramics Solutions after being bought by Kyocera group.
Sold under the trade name FRIALIT ®-DEGUSSIT®, the materials used include aluminium oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide and silicon nitride.
Their main properties are: High mechanical strength even at high temperatures; Extreme wear and corrosion resistance; Excellent thermal shock resistance; Low specific gravity; Stability at high temperatures up to 1950°; Excellent electrical and heat resistance properties. Kyocera products fall into four broad categories: electrical engineering ceramics, high-temperature ceramics, mechanical engineering ceramics, and finishing tools
In addition to standard products such as pipes, rods, electrical feedthroughs, discs, plates and grinding tools, Kyocera custom manufacture special products to your specifications. With their extensive experience in the production of hi-tech ceramic products, Kyocera are the most reliable partner for solving the most complex issues and supplying the most suitable materials for your applications.

Products and services in partnership with Ögussa GmbH

Platinum labware and thermocouple wire.

Ögussa GmbH, who have their manufacturing plant in Vienna, operate internationally in the field of precious metals and relevant technologies.
More specifically, they are a leading manufacturer of platinum labware and thermocouple wire for industrial laboratories, food companies, cement works, mining companies, universities, and research institutes.
Ögussa were recently converted into the Umicore Group’s Thermocouple Wire Logistic Centre.
The process comes full circle with the recovery of fine metal contained in damaged or worn-out equipment.

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Standard products range
Materials, applications and properties
Spacer cans
Electrical engineering
Accelerator components
Sensors and measuring technology
Ceramic Components for high temperature applications
Allumina Degussit AL23
Allumina Degussit AL24
Allumina Frialit F99,7
Allumina Degussit AL25
Allumina Degussit DD57 GRANA FINE
Allumina Degussit DD57 grana grossolana
Allumina Degussit AL23 HF
Zirconia Degussit ZR25
Zirconia Frialit FZM
Zirconia FZT
Zirconia FZY


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