Platinum is an extremely wear- and corrosion-resistant material.
This is why it is used in labware
and high-temperature analysis, in the manufacture of thermocouples (S, R and B),
as a chemical catalyst and, given its aesthetic qualities, in high-end jewellery.

Oegussa, a Vienna-based branch of the Umicore Group,
supplies and processes alloys with platinum-group base metals (platinum, rhodium, iridium and palladium) or gold.

You can also order products made using pure platinum or silver.
The main properties that make these materials suitable for manufacturing labware are:

Non-wettability by molten metals
Corrosion resistance
High melting point (>1700°C)
Long product life
Impressive chemical inertness, hence no oxidation

Our manufacturing and recycling process is modern and flexible, meaning we can offer laboratories innovative, custom solutions.