DEGUSSIT finishing tools are free of bonding agents and, given the extreme hardness of the aluminium oxide crystals, offer excellent resistance to wear and deformation.
This property is particularly important for producing precision
finishes to achieve excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy.
The addition of chromium providing the material with its extreme hardness
also gives it its distinctive red colour.
The DEGUSSIT DD57 material is used to produce a range of standard products
with 3 possible levels of finish: fine, medium and coarse.
Benchstones, files and wheels are used for grinding, sharpening and lapping hard materials.

Extreme hardness
Exceptionally durable corners and edges
High wear resistance = long service life
Exceptional surface quality

Our finishing tools are perfectly suited to the following applications:
Precision engineering and watchmaking industry
Glass and optical industry
Tool and die industry
Electrical industry